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She told the officers that she had helped set up the massage appointment through Craigslist, and that she could provide them with the e-mail name and address of Andy.

In addition, Simons gave the police the password to the Yahoo massage account.

He found her listing as a masseuse in the Craigslist Erotic Services section last April 13, a Monday.

She said she was visiting Boston for three days—she had a room on the 20th floor of the Boston Marriott Copley Place, an upscale Back Bay hotel.

But the killing of Julissa Brisman allegedly by Boston University medical student Philip Markoff is still a very human mystery, with dark sexual overtones and surprising contradictions. He used a disposable Trac phone that would be hard to trace; her friend and employer pretended that was Morgan when setting up their meeting via cyberspace.

“If you can see them, they can see them,” says Rasch.

Boston law enforcement started backtracking to find out Andy’s identity, first establishing that the e-mail account at came from Microsoft in Redmond, Washington.

Craigslist was able to see what time and date the user of the address responded to each of its postings—when he clicked Morgan’s or the other two women’s ads, for instance.

“People who use Craigslist leave more of a trail than people who just use the phone,” says Rasch.

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Thanks, Andy.”“My Wednesday appointment moved later,” the masseuse, whose real name was Julissa Brisman and who worked part-time in a New York tanning salon, answered. Mary Beth Simons (not her real name), who owns the tanning salon where Brisman worked and who acted as her screener and intermediary, took the call and texted Brisman that she had told him to come up on the hour.

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