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Officers wrote that they were told Kelley, at the time serving at Holloman Air Force Base, had escaped from Peak Behavioral Health Services, a facility just over the border in New Mexico, and intended to hop a bus out of town.That same year, Kelley was court-martialed by the Air Force.David Brown, whose mother, Farida, was shot in her legs, said she described Kelley firing four shots into the torso of a woman on her left.“With every shot, she was crying,” Brown said of the woman.Deputies with the Comal County Sheriff’s Office in Texas were called to Kelley’s house 17 times over the years, Sheriff Mark Reynolds said in an interview Tuesday.Most calls were for loose livestock and brush fires, but two of them “raised flags,” the sheriff said.But Kelley had repeatedly come to the attention of local and military authorities in Texas and New Mexico.In June 2012, the El Paso police were called to the Greyhound bus station there in response to a missing person, according to a police report first obtained Tuesday by two Texas television stations, KVIA in El Paso and KPRC in Houston.

[ After massacre, some residents call for more guns and not more gun control ] Martin said law enforcement officials believe further details about the dispute might be found on Kelley’s cellphone.

— The gunman who killed more than two dozen people in a small church outside San Antonio on Sunday had a string of troubling episodes in recent years, including an escape from a mental health facility in 2012 after he was caught sneaking guns onto an Air Force base “attempting to carry out death threats” against military superiors, according to a police report. Kelley’s young life was riddled with warning signs, mounting during and after his time in the Air Force, including a conviction for beating his then-wife and stepson, charges of animal cruelty, mental health concerns, investigations for domestic assault, threats against his family members and a motorcycle crash that left him with lingering physical pain.

Interviews and police and military documents depict Kelley as a distressed — and at-times, violent — man in the years before authorities said he walked into the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Tex., and fired round after round into the congregation gathered for Sunday morning services.

He was charged with abusing his wife and her son — including a serious head injury to the toddler — between April 2011 and April 2012 and sentenced in November 2012, according to Air Force documents.

Because the Air Force does not operate prisons, Kelley served his sentence at a Navy brig in San Diego.

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