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While anything is possible, I would not count on it.There’s nothing that would stop you from moving to the area, but the Army wouldn’t pay for the move.And definitely keep in mind that depending on his schedule with AIT, he may or may not be allowed to see you during training.Hello I dropped my husband off at AIT this past week in Fort Eustis VA.

Depending on the school, they sometimes will have the soldiers advance to a certain phase of the training before they allow them to live with family full time. Depending on the distance between his basic location and AIT location, he may be given some travel days. Some people say he will get weekends off while others say he won’t. Also what about moving there since he is gone for so long will the Army move me or do I move myself?Just wondering if anyone knows more about this base. With most longer AIT schools, they get more freedom after they pass a certain part of the training.While he may not be able to live with you in the beginning, it will likely eventually happen and at the very least he can spend any time off he has (nights, weekends) with you.He can choose between two jobs, one AIT is 19 weeks and the other is 24 weeks.Because his AIT will be so long and he will be deployed for a year, we would like to go with him and spend as much time with him as we can. ********* Generally, the Army will allow the family to accompany a soldier to AIT if the school is at least 20 weeks.

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