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Of course every reporter, editor, and publication is different, but there are some general rules that make the difference between getting your pitch deleted and getting a second look.

I spoke to almost a dozen of my colleagues at to see what they do and don’t like to see in a pitch. If there was one universal agreement among the journalists I spoke to, it was our preferred contact method: email.

’ or ‘I have been pitching you for one year, why aren’t you responding to me????If I’m intrigued, I’ll ask for more.” staff editor Jeff Beer agrees. Get to the point very quickly: What it is, why FC readers might be interested, and why you’re pitching me specifically,” he says. ” Do that convincingly and you’ve gone a long way to getting us interested.This should be obvious, but it bears mentioning: Write a unique pitch for each journalist/publication and make sure it’s clearly formatted. While it’s true journalists always are looking for things to write about, we’re more likely to ignore a pitch if someone has recently written about it already. ” If readers have already read the story of Startup X’s development somewhere else, why would they want to read the same story again?A well-timed article in a major publication could be the golden ticket many small startups need to get noticed by customers and potential funders.But convincing a journalist to write about your startup is easier said than done.

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But for whatever reason, your story might not be right for their audience at this moment in time.

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