Rrd graphs not updating

Author: Unknown, but it is so hacked up it doesn't matter by now. Author: Mike Schwartz mandel A Mandelbrot set program.

Author: Robert French, with additions by RJ Mical CONTENTS OF DISK 5 ================== cons Console device demo program with supporting macro routines.

Author: Roy Mongiovi and Arnold Robbins bison A replacement for unix "yacc" command.

This is from the GNU (GNU is Not Unix) effort, and was obtained from the Free Software Foundation.

There are several types of entries in the debug log, but the typical entry for processing performance data for a service on a host looks like this: Graph RRD command: rrdtool graph - --imgformat=PNG --slope-mode DEF:a=/usr/local/groundwork/rrd/localhost_local_users.rrd:users: AVERAGE CDEF:cdefa=a AREA:cdefa#0033CC:"Number of logged in users" -c BACK#FFFFFF -c CANVAS#FFFFFF -c GRID#C0C0C0 -c MGRID#404040 -c ARROW#FFFFFF-Y --height 120 this is the result of the parsing we do on the perf data. This is the command that, if typed at a command line and routed to a file can be used to test the actual graph generation for this host and service.

Loosely, the label and value arrays are used in the rrd create command as $VALUE1$, $VALUE2$... series are also available, however, and can come in useful to put the thresholds on the graphs. It is stored in the foundation database for this host service, and updated only when changed, thus the message: "Nothing changed for localhost local_users" occurs when no change is needed for this command.

Author: Fred Fish make Subset of "unix" make command.On the AMIGA, there is no connect mode, only send and receive.You must log into the remote machine via one of it's local terminals and point it's kermit at the appropriate serial line connected to the AMIGA.Often the RRD Create command that is echoed in this file in that case is informative.If you do not see the RRD for your host and service, that command may be malformed.

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