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Zander Roseborough shot his first cow elk this year with his grandpa by his side. Bob 6 point, Bobby 5 point, Ron 5 point, Blake 6." Submitted by Ron Rogers. Bob 6 point, Bobby 5 point, Ron 5 point, Blake 6 point." Submitted by Harlee Manning.He used a Savage 30-06 that he got for his birthday. "Harlee Manning, age 13 - My dad and I drew a mule deer buck tags in Unit 44, much of which was burned by the fires. 21st, a 4x4, at 300 yards and a week later my dad shot his 4x4." Submitted by Cory Holloway. The buck is a 4 x3 mule deer that she shot at 209 yards in unit 54.Include all the information that other hunters will care about, such as the size, species and location of your catch.

"Jenni Sherman of Twin Falls shot her first deer, a nice 3-by-4, 19-inch buck on opening day 10/5/14 in unit 54 in the South Hills with her dad and mom there to experience it. "A dream come true for a 10-year-old and future lifelong hunter. Brothers and their sons bag their very first bulls in the same week. Fathers and sons bag their first Bull Elk in the same week.

‘She also filled her antlerless-only whitetail tag with a 175-yard heart shot.

I’m very proud of my little girl,’ Jeff Woodman writes. 5, ‘Alec Mort harvested his first deer at 204 yards with one shot,’ grandmother Nadine Adams writes. We are teaching him good ethics about the animal as well as safety and rifles.’ ‘Connor Holloway made a great shot on this heavy buck in the South Hills,’ Cory Holloway writes.

After a careful stalk with her husband she made a 125 yard, one shot kill.

This is Chantelle's secondlargest buck she had taken in Idaho.

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When Zander found out that he would be able to hunt this year, he was beyond excited. Blake 6 point." Kyleigh Bowles writes: "I found out on my 12th birthday this year, that I had drawn for the youth turkey hunt. Maycee glassed the deer in his bed then was able to stalk within shooting range." Submitted by Tyler Rogers.

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