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"I didn't have a f****** clue what I was doing," she says. Being painted gold and wearing a strap-on leather dildo and nothing else. I think there were places we could have bedded it in reality.It took her 12 takes to walk through a door and hit her mark. It's fair to say that when it aired in 2002, the series got something of a reaction. It was quite glossy, so therefore it laid itself open to sensationalism because it seemed to be lesbianism airbrushed and therefore it's never going to be taken that seriously.Or maybe it's Stirling herself, all husky of voice and docker in sweariness. I'm a tart," she says when I point out as much to Stirling. Either that or casting directors don't have much imagination.") She also plays Winston Churchill's daughter in an ITV drama, Churchill's Secret, that will air in the new year. Stick your finger in and you'll come out with a big actorly name.

Watching it I was gobsmacked by the beauty of the English countryside and even considered buying myself a metal detector. It's possible that I'm a little bit in love with Becky.

It's not, I tell her, that I decided to go to Stirling University back in the 1980s just to meet Diana Rigg. There's also a Second World War film Their Greatest Hour and a Half in the offing, directed by Lone (An Education) Scherfig, in which she plays an "acid-tongued ginger lesbian". She first came to prominence in the TV version of Sarah Waters' novel Tipping the Velvet and that was nothing but sex.

(Rigg had strong associations with the university, living as she did nearby. Really, though, I just want to talk to her about Detectorists.

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