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Þær æt hyðe stod hringed-stefna, isig ond ut-fus, æþelinges fær; aledon þa leofne þeoden, beaga bryttan, on bearm scipes, mærne be mæste. Ne hyrde ic cymlicor ceol gegyrwan hilde-wæpnum ond heaðo-wædum, billum ond byrnum; him on bearme læg madma mænigo, þa him mid scoldon on flodes æht feor gewitan.In the harbour stood a ring-prowed ship, icy, outbound, a nobleman's vessel; there they laid down their dear lord, dispenser of rings, in the bosom of the ship, glorious, by the mast.

Frankish coins, which had been inside a purse, suggested a burial date in the 620s, and so the favourite candidate for the occupant's identity is King Rædwald.Sæberht, king of the East Saxons, had also been baptized under Æthelberht's auspices, but rather more successfully than Rædwald. Following the deaths of these Christian kings, there was a temporary return to paganism in Kent and Essex.Rædwald provided sanctuary for the fugitive Edwin (son of Ælle, former king of Deira), who, according to Bede (‘HE’ II, 12), had: “wandered for many years as an exile, hiding in divers places and kingdoms, and at last came to Rædwald, beseeching him to give him protection against the snares of his powerful persecutor.578, he says: “At this period, Wuffa, king of the East Angles ...was succeeded by Tytil his son, who was the father of Rædwald, the tenth from Woden.” The source of these dates is not known – they may be no more than educated guesses. Bede (‘HE’ II, 15): “King Rædwald was noble by birth, though ignoble in his actions, being the son of Tytil, whose father was Wuffa, from whom the kings of the East Angles are called Wuffingas.” During the earlier part of his reign, though, Æthelberht – who was the first Anglo-Saxon king to adopt Christianity, having received the mission of Augustine in 597 – ruled Kent.

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The other further added, “What if he should also assure you, that your enemies should be destroyed, and you should be a king surpassing in power, not only all your own ancestors, but even all that have reigned before you in the English nation?

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