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And what is more, her purpose was not only to protect the faith of the orthodox, but also to punish the apostates.Formal apostasy was then looked upon as treason against God — a much more heinous crime than treason against a civil ruler, which, until recent times, was punished with great severity.With this clear demarcation of the Reformer's private judgment from the Catholic's authority, it hardly serves our purpose to estimate the relative violence of Catholic and Protestant Governments during the times of the Reformation.And yet it is well to remember that the methods of the maligned Inquisition in Spain and Italy were far less destructive of life than the religious wars of France and Germany.Withal, the Roman Inquisition was very different from that of Spain, and the popes did not approve the harsh proceedings of the latter.

These were held to be personally responsible for their apostasy ; and the Church enforced her authority over them: It is true that in many cases the heretics were rebels against the State also; but the Church's claim to exercise coercion is not confined to such cases of social disorder.And though the Church exercises that right for the most part by spiritual sanctions, she has never relinquished the right to use other means.Before examining this latter right to physical coercion, there must be introduced the important distinction between pagans and Christians.And even if the answer be urged that she was only defending her own existence, the retort seems fairly plausible that pagan and heathen powers were only acting in their own defence when they prohibited the spread of Christianity.The Church would therefore seem to be strangely inconsistent, for while she claims toleration and liberty for herself she has been and still remains intolerant of all other religions.

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