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Having previously lived in NYC and Chicago, I think public transportation here is good-ish.

The light rail and monorail cover most places you want to go and get you there for Rm 4 or less; print out a system map, put it in your wallet, and you'll never need to fuck with taxis and traffic. Beat little red and white cars, which are more prevalent, and blue vans ("teksi eksekutif") which are more comfortable and more expensive.

Plenty of expats working here never get anything more than the default tourist visa.

Ethnically, Malaysia is half Malay (Malays are by law Muslim), then increasingly smaller parts Chinese, Indian (mostly Tamil, with those dinnerplate eyes), and Indigenous, plus a healthy sprinkling of Miscellaneous.

You're probably familiar with Chinese and Indian; Malay I'd situate between Indian and Thai.

It's greasier and meatier than Chinese, Indian, or Thai, and comes complete with a huge range of semi-sweet dessert cakes ("kuih") that I'm gonna miss so hard once I leave this place.

If you use the meter, cabs are dirt cheap and usually competitive in price with mass transit when you have a group of three or more.

I've noticed Malaysia gets no respect on this forum.

I'm white, in good shape, and (height trolls, lean forward) stand a scant five-foot-eight. That's despite arriving with no social group and almost no connections. I've been to every other major city in the region, and outside of Singapore, I don't think any is as liveable as KL.

Singapore is nicer, KL's a lot cheaper, but not so cheap that you contend with widespread poverty like you would in Manila, Phnom Penh, or parts of Bangkok.

When you get outside KL, there are areas that are predominately Malay or Chinese, but the city itself seems evenly split between the two.

I don't know the demographics but there are plenty of both around for those hellbent on one or the other.

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