Katrina kaif and ranbir kapoor dating 2016

But there have been several speculations about the reason behind their split.Intially, Ranbir's growing proximity with ex-flame Deepika Padukone was considered to be the major reason behind his rocky relationship with Kat. As a result, there’s the reputation that Ranbir has revolving doors in his bedroom or that Ranbir is a cad. Does that make you little bit nervous knowing that secrets will be spilt? But you know however fierce he is about things, he’s a little protective about me. The good part is that you have direct connect with your fans. I went quickly behind her and said, “I love your…” Before I could say “work”, she turned and said, “Get lost! But don’t you feel that your silence has been misinterpreted by the media? I’ve heard that there is a whole chapter devoted to you. Ranbir, social media today is such an intrinsic part of our life. Your mum works Instagram so well, your dad is Twitter star... I can just tell you that my personal point of view is that there is a lot of self-complimenting, you know trying you put yourself on a pedestal. Now I’ve the responsibility to portray him onscreen in the best way possible because that life is bloody interesting. Seeing Priyanka (Chopra) and Deepika (Padukone) trying to make a career in Hollywood; does that interest you? I was asked to audition as the second lead in a couple of years back. It’s more a fear from not having that much faith in my talent. What Ayan Mukherjee is making interests me more than Star Wars. Subconsciously I’ve taken so much from those films so it was a big star struck moment. A few years ago, you said you’d like to have three kids. Does marriage/relationships hold the same place in your life as they did? Time frames change, because I remember when I started out, I said, “I’m going to get married at 28 and have kids by 30.” So that changes but the ambition and the desire are the same. Of course, but then when you approach a film and specially a biopic, and especially on the life of Sanjay Dutt with Rajkumar Hirani making it, you can’t really depend on what you know of him. He was so honest about it, he didn’t hide anything. Must be, but also insecurity that what if I get rejected? That’s great but I have an opportunity here and I don’t think Ayan is less than a JJ Abrams or a George Lucas. Tell me about meeting with Quentin Tarantino in London. When the door opens, I’m like, “Sir, picture picture? It was really funny and I got teased by the entire crew of are instrumental to the work I am doing. I understand that it happens because he is in his own world and he is an artist. Ranbir, we know about your professional ambitions, but not so much about your personal ambitions.Ranbir Kapoor, who is considered as the most eligible bachelors in the Indian cinema broke up with his girlfriend Katrina Kaif some months back.

So at the risk of sounding pseudo and philosophical, right now I’m just finding bliss at being nothing. So he takes a step back and cushions it through my mother. Do you think you’ve reached that place as you have with Deepika (Padukone) where you have gone back to being friends and colleagues who can make even romantic movies together? Do you feel like you’ve an insight that will help the film? I just wanted to meet him, take a picture, an autograph. I saw him coming and from far I’m saying, “Quentin, Quentin.” He walks, looks at me, goes and sits in his car. We are not here to bring our personal lives and emotions when we come on the set. Isn’t it a great tool to know what the fans are thinking? You’ve known Sanjay Dutt since you were a kid, your families have a long history together. I told Karan, “Listen, I have to meet him.” Not that I’m going to say that I’m an actor from India. If they know where I pee and how much salt I put on my food, it’s all stupid information. You’re soon going to start shooting the Sanjay Duttbiopic with Rajkumar Hirani. I heard that he was doing an interview so I went running up. But as an actor, you need to step back, you need that mystery. The honest truth is my personality is of somebody who’s very shy; a bit an introvert. ” So I’ve had my heart broken but I would still chase them. I was shooting in a basement and he was in the building.

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