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She said it was her habit to dip into her campaign and personal bank accounts to keep her from overshooting the expense budget for her council office, which she said has been reduced to ,000 a year during her time in City Hall. "I've lived within the confines of the policies of the New Orleans City Council and the city of New Orleans in regard to expenditures." Charbonnet supporters provided several New Orleans media outlets this week with documents they described as evidence Cantrell had misused her city credit card.| The Times-Picayune received the same documents, and is reporting on them after journalists compared them with original city records and vetted their content independently from the Charbonnet and Cantrell campaigns.New Orleans mayoral candidate La Toya Cantrell and her staff used her office's taxpayer-financed credit cards to cover almost ,350 in purchases she repaid from her campaign funds -- sometimes years later, a review of her spending records show.Cantrell also charged to her City Council credit card ,602 in meals and other expenses that she repaid with her own money after she entered the mayor's race.The check's purpose was to reimburse the city for 49 separate credit card charges in a three-year stretch dating back to June 2013, the documents show. For example, on May 11, 2014, Cantrell used her city credit card to pay 3 at the Aspen Meadows Resort in Colorado, where she stayed as part of her involvement with the Aspen Institute's leadership fellowship program.

She said some of the transactions were expenses for City Council functions and Cantrell used her campaign to pay for them because she did not want to exceed her council office budget.The | Times-Picayune review found several credit card payments for which no business purpose was stated.Also, some receipts were not included with credit card statements.It found Cantrell had reimbursed ,602 from her personal account during that time.Another ,349 in reimbursements came from her campaign fund, including a 9 repayment to cover some travel costs by her chief of staff, Marilyn Wood, in January 2016.

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