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Alan Bissett, with his own short crop and lack of any ‘feminine’ makeup, gives us Moira Bell – a woman fae Falkirk – through invisible cigarettes and weed, swearing, some crude attitude and anger issues that have instilled fear in the neighbourhood, and Moira Bell is beautiful. Time has not withered Moira Bell, Alan Bissett’s 2009 tribute to the hard-working, hard-playing, straight-talking working class women of Scotland, and Falkirk in particular.

In 2017, she’s still arguing with her neighbours (mostly about their noisy sex lives), giving people who disrespect her a piece of her mind, and knocking...

They can take their drink This will sound like a stereotype and of course it isn’t true of every Scot; but in Scotland (and generally also in the rest of the UK), the pub is a frequent venue for dates, meet-ups and celebratory gatherings.I have only read Alan Bissett's books and never seen the first Moira Show.I bought my ticket a few weeks ago and was debating whether to actually go as I was watching Aberdeen in the Europa qualifiers in Mc Sorleys.In 1928, it was given a new type of tender with a corridor, which meant that a new crew could take over without stopping the train.This allowed it to haul the first ever non-stop London to Edinburgh service on May 1, reducing the journey time to eight hours.

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