Dating and marriage in the 1930s

Belafonte used every tool at his disposal — his fame (he headlined rallies and fundraisers and once led a delegation of students to the Eisenhower White House to deliver a petition supporting school integration), his money (he bailed out Martin Luther King Jr.

from the Birmingham, Ala., jail) and his political savvy (he served as an emissary to and bridge between not only King and Robert F.

Gary Hart of Colorado (whom he met while Hart served as Mc Govern's young campaign manager), Beatty exercised more influence at the upper reaches of a presidential campaign than any Hollywood figure before him.

For Mc Govern, Beatty did everything from organizing fundraising rock concerts to mounting a long-shot effort to persuade Hubert Humphrey to sign on as the nominee's running mate.

Clooney became perhaps the first celebrity with his own satellite when he partnered with Google, Harvard University and the United Nations to fund one to monitor potential violence during the voting on independence for south Sudan this year.

Clooney has also been an institution builder, joining with actors Don Cheadle, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and others to found Not on Our Watch, a group that aims to mobilize global attention in the wake of humanitarian disasters and atrocities.

Belafonte has also demonstrated remarkable political stamina.

Bush presidency he offensively compared Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice to house slaves.

Bono has demonstrated tenacity, persistence and extraordinary political dexterity in building alliances not only with left-of-center American political figures such as Bill Clinton and Bill Gates but with George W.

Bush and Jesse Helms, the late archconservative senator from North Carolina, who Bono bonded with in discussion over Scripture and persuaded to attend a U2 concert.

With Hart, he was an all-purpose adviser who nudged the often wonky candidate (with mixed success) to shed the senatorial stiffness in his language and reveal more of his emotions to voters.

Hart's friendship with Beatty, then the most celebrated Hollywood Casanova of his age, stirred controversy, fairly or not, amid the questions about the state of Hart's marriage.

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