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The information about the iconography of Venus is scattered among a multitude of monographs and 'catalogues raisonnes' of artists, museum and exhibition catalogues, sales catalogues, notary and death inventories, myriads of bibliographical references and the Internet. Details about these Volumes are available on the website 'Venus Iconography' of the author.Many present-day artists display their work on their personal website or use on-line services. The subsection "Specific Catalogues " of the "Selected Bibliography''' at the end of the catalogue gathers the most important general information sources for this Volume, mostly available on Internet. The author realizes that these Topical Catalogue is far from complete and not without errors. Venus complaining to Jupiter, etc.; • when the title clearly corresponds to a main topic distinguished such as 'Venus asleep ' or 'Venus spied upon by satyrs '; • when the title refers explicitely to one of the classical 'Statues of Venus', e.g.Unfortunatey, full information like date of creation, size and type/medium of the artwork, or biography of the artist, is often missing on 2 Our main source is the digitized version of Thieme -Becker-Vollmer (TBV): Allgemeines Lexikon der Bildenden Kunstler von der Antike bis zum gegenwart Zwanzigsten Jahrhundert. Acknowledgement and gratitude are due to the many librarians who helped the author in his overall search for references while visiting the Koninklijke Bibliotheek-Bibliotheque Royale (KBR) in Brussels, the Centrale Bibliotheek and the library of the Vakgroep voor Kunstgeschiedenis, Universiteit Gent, the British Library (BL) and the libraries of the British Museum (BM) and of the Photographic Collection of the Warburg Institute in London, the Biblioteca Academia Lincei, the Biblioteca Generale Nazionale di Roma and the library of the Istituto Nazionale per la Grafica (ING) in Roma, the libraries of the Kunstforum in Berlin, of the Rijksbureau voor Kunsthistorische Documentatie (RKD) in Den Haag, of the Museum voor Schone Kunsten (MSK) in Gent, and of the Albertina in Wien. More intensive investigation would certainly yield further details. Venus Capitolina, Venus de' Medici, etc.; this topic does not only include sculptures but also the numerous drawings, prints, illustrations and even paintings depicting the statues; • when the title refers explicitely to an attribute, such as 'Venus in her chariot' or 'Venus with doves ', etc 3 The title is often a traditional one, not necessarily the original one given by the artist, if known. They are available on the website 'Venus Iconography' and on the Blog 'Iconography in Art History' of the author. The research papers and posts, reporting about this data analysis, contribute to distant viewing and macroanalysis in art history.

Date of work and level of identification of the artist Under a given topic/subtopic/subdivision the works are listed chronologically by date, as given by the owner or derived from other sources.A special problem is the transliteration of Cyrillic-to-Latin alphabet since standardization differs according to the authority. Thus II (tse) = c (ISO) = ts (in English and French) = z (in German) and H (che) = c (ISO) = ch (in English) = tch (in French) = tsche (in German), respectively. The orthography of geographical names is generally the one in use at the time of the artist's activity. Hence, the Index of Topics is necessarily restricted in this catalogue. Furthermore, the quantitative analysis of the compilation, based on a time interval of 50 years, - an aim of these catalogues as stated above - is anyhow limited to 1999. The categorization into topics based on the title alone is often straightforward: • when the title refers to Venus' classical companions, e.g.Entries of works created in the 21 st century are included in this catalogue in order to show the continuous inspiration of the Venus-myth, but the compilation has not been pursued extensively. The information sources are similar as those used in the former Volumes. Moiseeva, Leading curator; Natalia Pribytok, External Relations Department. Adonis, Anchises/ Aeneas, Mars, Paris, Vulcan, etc.; • when the title refers to the story of Psyche, even if Psyche's name is not in the title but the action is well-known in the story, e.g. 1 in the series of Topical Catalogues of the Iconography of Venus from the Middle Ages to Modern Times, with a compilation of 1373 artworks (sculptures, reliefs, paintings, frescos, drawings, prints and illustrations) of 629 identified artists born or educated in Eastern, Southern and Northren Regions of Europe. Venus Unaccompanied and Abstract 25 29 33 35 41 51 54 57 59 67 69 75 78 83 85 86 88 91 98 Index of Artists 109 Directory of Owners Selected Bibliography Specific Catalogues Selected References 141 149 v 7 Introduction and Acknowledgements This is Volume 6.

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It does not exclude more accurate information from other sources not yet consulted. But a 'left' or 'right' part of the body (hand, leg, etc.) in the description is always the figure's left or right.

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