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-Adam Poch Follow me: Twitter at @Heavy Metal Teddy facebook.com/kingadpoch This entry was posted in Bar, Burger Famous, Burgers, Gourmet Burgers, Hamburgers, Los Angeles and tagged adam poch, bacon brownie, bacon burger, best burger, burger conquest, cbs big brother 13, cheese, ciancio, Dominic Briones Daniele Donato wedding photos, french fries, guest blog, hamburger, heavy metal teddy, Huntington Beach California, nyc, penguin boy, rev, review, slaters 50/50, the rev meter for social community. uses cookies to improve performance by remembering your session ID when you navigate from page to page.Their love for penguins (because they mate for life) was evident as they had April’s (from BB6) son dressed as a penguin as ring bearer – and a husband & wife penguin as their cake topper.I may be a metal head, but I do have a soft side – and seeing these 2 together, you cannot help but feel the love!Yes – they have their own combinations of burgers on the menu to choose from, but I needed to “Adam” it up. Next the roll – once again, duh – the Bacon Pretzel Roll. As soon as I gave it to the bartender to bring back to the kitchen, I started getting antsy. The only thing that disappointed me at first was there was not enough of the Country Gravy – so I asked for more. I was sad when I realized I was down to my final bite for this was a burger I had read about, seen on TV, and dreamed about for a long long time – but that did not stop me from putting that morsel of goodness in my mouth and savoring the final few chews. This was not my first bacon brownie – but it was my first bacon brownie sundae and I slurped up every last bit (with a little bit of help from my friends).Now what cheese would work on this burger – the Bacon Cheese of course – which is basically american cheese with bacon in it. They brought me out a bowl – which was perfect as I dipped each bite into the white salty chunky goodness! I can usually take Jalapenos with ease, so there had to be some really hot peppers in the Fire Burger portion. A couple minutes later – when I came out of my Bacon Nirvana trance – I leaned forward and said to the bartender – “THAT WAS F**KIN AWESOME! The bacon monster inside of me was still not done – and when someone got the Chicken & Pancakes – I had to take a few forks full.

) The only thing Rev would not like about this burger – is the 50/50 patty has to be cooked Medium, Medium Well, or Well Done.

After they both were back into civilization, their flirtmance grew into a real relationship.

It was no surprise to me when they announced (to a small few) that they were getting married.

On a sunny January day in Huntington Beach California they were wed.

Surrounded by family, friends, and some Big Brother Alumni – we watched as they read their own vows and declared their love for each other in a beautiful ceremony.

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