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Today he described a cycling ‘fetish’ about fixed-gear bikes - known as 'fixies' - like the one that killed his wife.

The husband of Kim Briggs has made an impassioned plea for a change in the law - and the attitude of some cyclists - after Charlie Alliston was convicted over her death.

Anger is corrosive and damaging and there is enough anger in this world.

Rather I shall endeavour to live my life and bring my children up as Kim did.

Typically skull tattoos represent death and mortality while tears are used by some criminals to show they have killed someone - or it can symbolise being in mourning.

Kim Briggs' husband Matthew wants a new Death by Dangerous Cycling law after Alliston was cleared of manslaughter and only convicted of a Victorian-era 'furious and wanton driving' charge.

But Judge Wendy Joseph QC said: 'If you want to rely on remorse, I am bound to say I haven't seen one iota of remorse from Mr Alliston at all - at any stage.'Now of course he was facing an allegation of manslaughter for which he has been acquitted.'But in relation to the course of driving, I haven't seen one breath of remorse'.Surrounded by positivity, compassion, humour and joy'.He said: ‘They are not just illegal they are potentially lethal.'Make every day count' was Kim's mantra.'She was quick to smile, slow to judge. He added that it was 'very important to me' that Alliston's 'admission that he lied about Kim being on her mobile phone.And even slower to anger.'I tried my best to be a home maker. We now know categorically that Kim was not using her phone at the time'.

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You are reducing your braking ability by 50 per cent.‘I would urge people to understand what happened to my wife, a mother of two, the most wonderful, most fun loving woman.

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