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Eat your words What will also be proving difficult to swallow are the following words from Dutch TV Ziggo Sport.

At one point in FP2, Lance Stroll was running as high as P4…

“Take a picture, pin it on the wall above your bed.

That won’t happen often.” After Sunday, it is probably time to start redecorating the house with Stroll ‘shoey’ wallpaper.

Alonso: “Our speed is that slow that they think we are on a slow lap but no this is our speed, we are starting a timed lap so they get surprised a bit.” And even before he managed to collect both his and Mc Laren-Honda’s first points of the season, we reckon he knows who he is going to be racing for next season. Eric Boullier: “Most painful weekend I’ve ever had.” Fernando Alonso: “It’s been quite positive for me.” He was spotted getting into a Mercedes after all…

) Ige neowa naui chairago [Minhyun] Teojyeo naoneun ([All] Jackpot) Meomchulttaekkaji ([All]Can’t stop) Kkok kkaejyeobwaya apeun jul alji [Minhyun] Teojyeo naoneun ([All]Jackpot) ([Baekho] Ah~) Nuga mwora geon So what? Don't hesitate to explain what songwriters and singer wanted to say.

Ige neowa naui ([All]chairago) ([Baekho] Chairago) Teojyeo naoneun ([All]Jackpot ([Baekho] Jackpot) Meomchulttaekkaji ([All] Can’t stop ([Baekho] Can‘t stop) Kkok kkaejyeobwaya apeun jul alji ([Baekho] Alji) [Baekho] Geuraeseo niga geogikkajiran geoya [JR] Sarameul naeryeoda bomyeon sseo Mite bol geo eobseo amudo eobseo Gyeolguk ttwieobwatja neon byeorugiya Ugyeobwatja nae apeseon eollugiya [Aron] This is a story about a dwarf and giant But it‘s gonna end just like David and Goliath Keep up with my pace, if you can Don‘t lag Wile E.

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The second image in particular will look great as a feature wall. Oh, Johnny Vettel’s interview wasn’t the only uncomfortable one. Oh, Ted And step forward Ted Kravitz, who stirred the pot a little too much this weekend.

The FIA also made us laugh with their official verdict on the incident. Here’s Toto Wolff’s reply when Ted tried to chip away at Hamilton’s headrest issue.

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