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High-pitched noises made me freeze as if red hot pincers were being pushed through my skull.

Dr Shields quickly concluded that the impact of the board had thrown my brain to the front of my skull, bruising it and at the same time stretching and damaging nerves at the back.

I saw a wave coming in, checked I had plenty of space and started paddling.

I took the wave as it came in with a glorious ‘swooooooshhh’ and then plopped off into the water.

The final week of May was quiet and reassuringly uneventful at work, the weather good and Croyde Bay in Devon beckoned.

We had a fantastic few days catching waves under hot sunshine; barely able to drag ourselves to the pub in the evening for well-earned sausage and mash. It was late afternoon and I was bobbing around on my board, catching my breath.

For the first time since I was admitted I was able to open my left eye. Around three weeks after my admission I checked myself out and rang my dad, Richard, to ask him to collect me.

Having worked incredibly hard since leaving school, the race was my late gap-year adventure and something I had been training for.Live TV just wasn’t going to happen in the state I was in.Jon recognised something was wrong and after we left the campsite he took me back to the hospital.Having said that, I have total respect for the sea and that day it was crowded with surfers.I made a point of keeping a good distance away from everyone and there was one particular chap I was keeping an eye on.

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Feel the back of your head, the slightly soft bit where your skull meets the top of your neck. I can still hear the grind of my teeth smacking together. The guy on the board clearly didn’t realise the severity of what had just happened because he just called out: “Ooops, sorry’, and paddled back out.

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