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I finally deleted my account and lost all my money as they denied any refund ..the way all this happened within a month of opening my paid account I had an account for s 3 years now. This person is a sweet talker he is the CTO and CFO of his own business.PEOPLE PLEASE DONOT WAST YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON THIS WEBSITE THEY ARE TOTAL FRAUDS AND PLEASE DO NOT PROVIDE ANY SENSETIVE DOCUMENTS TO THEM !!! He gets irked when you ask about his business and mite even give u a fake website.I requested that the supervisor contact me but they said it will be 48 hours...after chating with the rep for 5 times they unlocked my account .I updated the about me section and the locked me out again asking for passport ... I had an account with that I just deleted after getting frustrated by their pathetic service.I finally had enough asked asked to give me access one more time so I can delete my account . My account was blocked and locked for verification purposes.I contacted them and they requested for passport and drivers license copy !I told them that I will not upload any sensitive information without proper confirmation of security and only if takes full liability and responsibility if any identity fraud issues occur, they were not able to give me such assurance yet they wanted me to still provide these documents....the way I have paid 8,000 RS for this account.

I finally had enough asked asked to give me access one more time so I can delete my account . The businessman: You can read this as unemployed good for nothing fellow.Either his mom met with an accident or his dad is in icu as he suffered a heart attack. My suggestion to all people out there: Be it guys or gals don't trust someone so easily. This step is crucial as most fake people would back out and you would never hear from them again.At this point he mite be in some financial crunch and ask you for money. Don't rely on because is think hardly 1-2% people here are genuine here and looking for marriage.Now finally I agreed to provide drivers licence copy with Dl# and address hidden. They were then asking me to now subscribe for VIP survive for Rs 50000. I email them that I would not upload it to their site considering it unencrypted and unsecured (site). Let alone refunding the charges, they are violating simple rules of internet security.i paid money to .52 Us dollars or Rupess 5,369 Indian rupess for suscription for 18 months has deactivated my account and gave me no reason or proff of why they deactivating acvount.They gave me acess to my own account after a week, then they locked me out and i received a msg to upload passport I denied and contacted customer service chat as they dont even have a customer call center contact number for US... NO CALL IN NUMBER FORCED TO CHAT WITH REPS THAT SAY 48 HRS FOR EVERYTHING THIS IS NOT HOW YOU TREAT PREMIUM MEMBERS PAYING RS. NO ASSURANCE AND DECLARATION OF LIABILITY OR RESPONSIBILITY IF YOUR SENSETIVE INFORMATION IS LEAKED OR MISS USED BY THEIR EMPLOYEES OR 3RD PARTY .... i have been cheated of lot of money , i live in Canada Dr .mohit parihar [email protected] all, I have used on and off for the last 6 years and i regret taking paid memebership mutiple times with no success.

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