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Though in antiquity Sicily was the granary of Rome, the production of grain (22,275,000 bushels) is not sufficient for the home consumption, a fact to be explained either by the increase of population, or by the system of large estates, or by the primitive methods employed. There is a large export of fruits, including oranges and lemons, and of carob beans.

Sicily produces three-quarters of the world's sulphur: in 1905 it amounted to 3,049,864 tons, of which 1,629,344 came from Caltanisetta, and 1,039,005 from Girgenti.

It has 5 archbishoprics and 12 bishoprics : Catania, without any suffragans; Monreale, with Caltamisetta and Girgenti ; Palermo, with Cefalù, Mazzara, and Trapani ; Syracuse, with Caltagirone, Notto, Piazza Armerina. Lucia del Mela are immediately subject to the Holy See.

The parishes in Sicily are few in number and consequently very large.

Moreover, in the principal cities — such as Girgenti, Messina, Catania, and Syracuse, the democratic and aristocratic governments had given way to the rule of tyrants, which resulted in frequent conspiracies, revolutions, and temporary alliances. But Gelon, tyrant of Syracuse, having been called on for aid, inflicted a great defeat on Hamilcar.However, this is not due to a great lack of schools, as there are 4156 elementary public, 563 private, and 310 evening schools ; 4 training colleges for teachers; 44 royal gymnasia (2 pareggiati , 27 non pareggiati ); 14 royal lyceums (2 pareggiati , 8 non pareggiati ); 34 technical schools besides 6 non pareggiati ; 7 technical institutes; 3 universities (Palermo, Messina, Catania ); and 1 conservatory of music (Palermo).Sicily is divided civilly into 7 provinces, with 24 circondarii, 179 mandamienti, and 357 communes.The chief Sicilian rivers are the Giarretta falling into the sea near Catania ; the Anopo, flowing for a short distance underground and emptying into the sea near Syracuse ; the Salso; the Platani.The two principal lakes are those of Lentini and Pergusa; on the southern coast there are very many lagoons and unhealthy marshes.

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Among the other mineral products are: antimony and lignite from Messina (61 and 70 tons); asphalt from Syracuse (105,217 tons); rock-salt (12,730 tons).

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